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We Provide 

Music Production

We provide music production services from creating songs, making music videos to releasing the album, including pre-production, recording, mixing, editing, arrangement, sound design, mastering, etc. 

We also provide professional guidance and consultation throughout the creative process, providing input on songwriting, instrument selection, and artistic direction. Producers may collaborate with artists and engineers to achieve the desired artistic vision.


Talent Agency

We focus on representing and promoting artists in the entertainment industry, and work to secure opportunities and advance the careers of our clients. 

The services include talent representation, event engagement, contract negotiation, auditions and casting submissions, maintaining industry networking, brand partnerships and endorsements, marketing and publicity, career development and guidance, royalty collection and financial management, etc. 


Idol Training

The idol training services designed to groom and develop aspiring artists into successful idols. 


The trainee is here that will get vocal training and singing, dancing and choreography, performance skills, acting and dramatic training, physical fitness and health management, image and styling, media and interview training, personal development and mentoring, teamwork and group dynamics, etc


Performing Arts Education

Our performing Arts Education aimed at providing individuals with knowledge, skills, and experiences in singing, dancing, modeling, jazz choir and music theatre. We provide technique classes and individual coaching for both adults and children. 


Event Planning And Management

The service involves coordinating and overseeing various aspects of an arts event (the concert, grand evening party, etc) to ensure its successful execution, like event conceptualization and design, budgeting and financial management, venue selection and logistics, event marketing and promotion, program development and scheduling, on-site coordination and management, attendee experience and guest services, etc. 

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